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That Urge to Look: Moderating the Digital Addiction

On January 10, 2019
Steve Jobs did not let his kids have iPhones. Google built a woodworking lab for their employees. Why? They realized the consequences of overusing technology. While the digital age has opened so ...

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Bridging the Digital Divide: How SAP and IT organizations are helping the 3.5 billion people without internet access

On December 5, 2018 For many of us, living without constant access to the internet is unimaginable. We use computers—in one form or another—constantly. But what about those who have minimal, if any, access to the ...

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Machine-Learning & Our Current Plague

On April 5, 2018

"40% of American adults will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime"—

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Partner Profile: FNTS

On November 17, 2017 1st Basis provides hosting for our customers who want a total solution or have special SAP-centered hosting needs. We started by hosting our own equipment in a co-location (colo) but demand ...

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Critical Monitoring

On April 17, 2017
It took 3 years to build our monitoring solution after some dead ends (Nagios). Over the years we have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to best-practices. The main lesson was ...

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UX Matters

On February 20, 2017 This is not just about pretty interfaces, although interfaces that are pleasing have greater utility also. The main reason for the push for improved UX from the C-suite is the savings through ...

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