That Urge to Look: Moderating the Digital Addiction

Steve Jobs did not let his kids have iPhones. Google built a woodworking lab for their employees. Why? They realized the consequences of overusing technology. While the digital age has opened so many doors, over indulgence has many serious repercussions on our health, relationships, psychological wellbeing and many other aspects of our lives. The average adult looks at their smartphone 150

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Bridging the Digital Divide:

How SAP and IT organizations are helping the 3.5 billion people without internet access. For many of us, living without constant access to the internet is unimaginable. We use computers—in one form or another—constantly. But what about those who have minimal, if any, access to the internet? Those who have never even touched a computer? Nearly half of the world’s population—3.5

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Machine-Learning & Our Current Plague

“40% of American adults will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime”—CDC study shows. This horrendous statistic shows the rise of our relentless plague of modern diseases; diabetes, overweight, cardiovascular disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s (now thought to have a common cause—the latter being reclassified as diabetes type 3). As the authors of the study that produced this frightening statistic conclude, “These findings…emphasize the need for

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Partner Profile: FNTS

1st Basis provides hosting for our customers who want a total solution or have special SAP-centered hosting needs. We started by hosting our own equipment in a co-location (colo) but demand quickly outstripped our ability to focus on SAP Basis and managing our own hardware, so we searched for a hosting partner to fill the gap—one with our same commitment to

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Critical Monitoring

“Certain areas of your SAP landscape need to be monitoredon a regular basis to ensure reliable operation.” —SAP Administration: Practical Guide, p. 269 Galileo Press, 2011. Monitoring is an essential part of the daily tasks of any SAP Basis Administrator. In the past, this was accomplished by logging into certain transactions once or twice a day and looking at specific parameters. As

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UX Matters

“The Inmates Are Running the Asylum” says Alan Cooper, in his seminal work on the topic of user-oriented design concepts, first published in 1999. Cooper, the father of Visual Basic, pioneered the use of “personas” as a design method. Personas are imagined user profiles based on use cases for the system in question. Cooper observed, correctly, that the worst person to

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