SAP Security Administration

24/7 Front-Line Defense for Total Protection

"The measures taken to develop IT security [provide] the supporting IT systems, applications and employees involved with total protection from active and passive threats.”

SAP Security and Authorizations, p. 29-30, Galileo Press, 2006

Providing “total protection” is a tall order and a heavy responsibility. Navigating the various compliance requirements and ever-changing cyber security threats, without stepping on a landmine, is not easy. Don’t go it alone!

Whether you are looking for an advisor to help design a custom security plan, ad-hoc support or complete coverage, the 1st Basis SAP Security Administration Team acts as your 1st line of defense, providing the security support you need, without the cost of a full-time security team.

User Account Maintenance

Our SAP Security Administration experts will work with your in-house IT and business units to create a comprehensive, and customized, security package for your company.

Ist Basis’ SAP Security Support includes:

  • SAP User Administration
    • Creating/maintaining/deletinguseraccounts
    • Addingor removingroles to/from user accounts
  • SAP RolesAdministration
    • Creatingnew roles from SAP Standard roles
    • Modifying authorization objects in role profiles
    • Troubleshooting authorization issues (SU53)
  • Separation of duties (SOD for SOX compliance)
  • GRC administration

Central User Administration (CUA)

"If you have to manage several SAP systems with a large number of users, setting up a Central User Administration (CUA) can significantly reduce the amount of work.”

SAP Administration: Practical Guide, p. 571 Galileo Press, 2011.

CUA lets you manage user accounts and access across the entire SAP system, including over several system clients (logical divisions within an SAP system), from a central location. It can also provide a single source for security reports.

There are many advantages to CUA, but there is also some overhead. You must weigh the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) against the benefits. The factors for judging this are:

  1. Total number of systems and clients.
  2. Total number of users who have access to multiple systems and clients.
  3. Total number of user account requests to process each day.

Let our SAP Basis Security experts walk you through the evaluation and setup of CUA.

Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

A major part of SAP Security Administration is monitoring for security issues, which includes real-time checks, security reports and periodic audits. SAP offers a suite of GRC products and solutions. When combined with 1st Watch, this forms an impenetrable wall of security around your SAP system.

Man leaning back in chair in front of laptop
Man leaning back in chair in front of laptop

Always There, Always On

An SAP system runs critical business applications and demands constant monitoring. Our Remote SAP Basis Administration is always there—and always on, keeping your SAP system running smoothly every day of the year. Call us 1st if you need:

  • Help fixing an urgent SAP issue
  • Migration, upgrade or installation assistance
  • Short- or long-term supplemental Basis support
  • Monitoring of the SAP and support systems

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