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24/7 Full Basis Support

"An SAP system administrator ensures that the BASIS components of every SAP system and their functions are working correctly during live operation…Everything you do as system administrator should serve a single purpose: to secure and protect system integrity." — SAP Administration: Practical Guide, p. 17, 25 Galileo Press, 2011.

SAP Basis is the foundation of any SAP system.

We specialize in Basis Managed Services at SAP Best Practices standards, with an unequaled commitment to customer service. This commitment is why we challenge ourselves to achieve savings through innovations and automation, creating efficiencies that allow us to keep our services on-shore—and passing the benefits on to our customers. Remote Basis Administration includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • System Administrator
    • Manage system performance
    • Monitor system for current and impending issues
    • Perform upgrades and installations
    • Perform periodic "Critical Tasks" as prescribed by SAP Best Practice
  • Database Administrator
    • Perform database upgrades
    • Apply database patches
    • Perform system refreshes
    • Optimize database
    • Adjust performance parameters
  • User Access Administrator
    • User account creation
    • Security role assignments
    • Authorization issue investigation
    • Audit reports and assistance
  • Transport Administrator
    • Transports
    • TMS Troubleshooting
    • Client Copies, imports and exports
  • Background Job Administrator
    • Monitor for job failure or completion
    • Schedule background jobs
    • Assist in assessing business impact of failed jobs
    • Troubleshoot issue with background jobs

In addition to ensuring maximum ROI on your SAP investment, expert Basis support frees your in-house IT team to focus on essential business-facing projects and keeps them off of the nights-and-weekends grind. To learn more about our remote Basis support — Contact us.