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Monitoring and Remediation

"Certain areas of your SAP landscape need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure reliable operation." — SAP Administration: Practical Guide, p. 269 Galileo Press, 2011.

Top 7 Monitoring "Hit List"

  1. System Availability
    1. Central Instance
    2. All Application Servers
    3. User Accessible (not just online)
  2. Database Backups
    1. Completed Successfully
    2. As Scheduled
    3. Replication/Log Shipping working
  3. Application Performance:
    1. Dialog Times
    2. Database Queries
    3. Swaps & Indexes
  4. Processes
    1. Critical Jobs
    2. EDI Queues
    3. Workflow
  5. Overall System Health
    1. System Log
    2. ABAP Runtime Errors
    3. Database Locks/Updates
  6. System Output
    1. Portals
    2. Print Spools
    3. Email & Fax Queues
  7. Resources
    1. Network Throughput
    2. Disk Space
    3. RAM & CPU Usage

See an example of a 1st Watch report (below).

Technical Monitoring is an essential part of the daily tasks of any SAP Basis Administrator. In the past, this was accomplished by logging into certain transactions once or twice a day (time permitting) and looking at specific parameters. Today, this should be done exclusively by software.

SAP also recommends that some sort of software be engaged to do this monitoring, specifically Solution Manager and although it is included with your SAP installation, it is far from "free" or easy to install and maintain.

Our solution is to integrate our Always On team with our proprietary monitoring system, 1st Watch to create a comprehensive 24×7 solution to monitor our customer’s SAP landscape in real-time — around the clock.

1st Watch is an integral part of our SAP Basis support and is included in every support agreement that requires monitoring of the SAP landscape.

1st Watch Features

  • Simple Setup/Customization
    • No Agents to install
    • Pre-set Thresholds
    • Phone-Home Single Connection
  • Secure Communication
    • TLS Tunnel
    • SAProuter Connection (SNC)
  • Centralized Data Collection
    • Centralized Administration
    • Real-Time Performance Monitoring
    • Parameter History Analysis
    • Bracketing & Outlier Detection
  • Easily Scalable
    • Remote Access (small landscapes)
    • Internal Node (larger landscapes)
  • Alert Validation
    • As-a-User Testing (not MMC only)
    • Alert Analysis (Actionable Only)
    • Alert Persistence/Resolution Testing
  • Robust Escalation
    • SMS & Email Alerts
    • Synthetic Voice (phone) Alerts
    • Custom Round-Robin Escalation Tree
    • Autonomous Nodes

Below is an example of the Daily Monitoring Summary report that our 1st Watch system produces:

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