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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

"IT security must be established throughout a company to create the necessary trust for all those who participate in processes supported by IT. The protection of company assets and of processes used dynamically within an organization helps ensure the continuity of flows within a company. The measures taken to develop IT security thus lead to providing the supporting IT systems, applications, and employees involved with total protection from active and passive threats." " — SAP Security and Authorizations, p. 29-30, Galileo Press, 2006.

Security Administration
Improve the security of your SAP system, manage risk and ensure compliance with your industry’s regulations and best practices with SAP Security Administration services from 1st Basis.

Security Review
Beginning with a thorough assessment of your security architecture, 1st Basis will identify vulnerabilities and develop a plan to mitigate risk and implement the changes needed to secure your SAP applications and data.

Once compliance and SAP best practices security are in place, 1st Basis SAP Security Administration can provide the support you need, without the cost of a full-time security team:

  • Full administration of your SAP security environment
  • Regular support for your internal SAP security team
  • As-needed/hourly support for security administration and troubleshooting

This pro–active approach to SAP Security Administration ensures that your enterprise has the resources it needs to strategically manage GRC.

1st Basis SAP Security Administration includes:

  • User creation, maintenance and deletion
  • Role creation, assignment and adjustments
  • Transaction assignments
  • GRC administration
  • Comprehensive reports including:
    • User critical access
    • Security violations
    • Inactive logons and passwords
    • System usage statistics

SAP System Security Planning

Our SAP Security Administration experts will work with your in-house IT and business units to help your enterprise with security issues such as:

  • Planning and definition of roles
  • User profiles
  • Separation of duties
  • Risk management
  • Governance and compliance
  • Industry best practices

Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting

SAP Security Administration services are incomplete until they give you a 360° view of your efforts. Our SAP Security Administration services include monitoring, analysis and reporting of:

  • User activities
  • Security violations
  • Identification of inactive logons and passwords
  • Intrusion detection

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